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   So, you want to join an alliance. There are a few things you must understand. In order to join this alliance you must follow athe following conditions:

- Must have an alias on the server.
- We advise you to have access to ICQ (however not a real problem if you don't).
- Must have a permanent E-Mail Address.
- Must be registered to MetalKnights or be an Unregistered Soldier or higher.
- A high level of commitment and good gamesmanship. That is, you must not miss turns (unless of course you have a good reason) and you must be gracious loser.
- Before we grant you access to the alliance you must have a trial game with 1 or more members from the alliance (You may choose a map). 

If you feel that you can follow the above conditions send me an E-Mail with the following imformation:

- Real Name
- Alias Name
- Location
- Map you wish to play on
- ICQ UIN (number)
- E-mail address

E-Mail Me


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