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Hi you have ventured into the Secret World's Alliance page. We are an alliance for a game MetalKnights on the Metalknights.com server. We are fairly new alliance and our rank shows that. We are not a great alliance at the moment but we are not bad, this main ly due to the fact that most the alliance is unregistered. However, when our members become registered we will be a formidable force to reckoned with. Although we have many members we are still looking for some new faces, if you are interested in join go to the "Join Now" Page.

I'm Melv, I was co-founder of this Alliance however my partner left and I am now the leader of the alliance. Here's a little bit about myself, I'm a 16 year old male from Melbourne, Australia. I'm currently undertaking my final year (Year 12) before I begin university. I like sports, computer games, music, movies and generally hanging out with friends.

Well, now for those who are not familiar to the game MetalKnights, it is a turn base strategy game, similar to a civilization sort of game. The aim of the game is to expand and gain money from cities, mine or ship wreaks. To kill a player you must take control of one of their bases. To do this you must destroy all units in base and enter it with an infantry unit (soldier or something). To win a game you or you and your allies must be the only people left holding bases, so therefore your objective is to kill every other enemy. It is lake any other strategy game accept you take turns in playing, so this game involves more thought process than most other games. The free version allows internet play however if wish to play Vs a computer you will have to register it. Also registered players have an advantage in these net-metal game as they can keep all their researches an entire game unlike unregistered who can only keep their discoveries for one turn.


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